At K & H Civil Constructors, LLC, we understand that the foundation of any successful construction project lies in the quality of the materials used. That’s why we are proud to offer top-tier “Construction Aggregate Sales” services, providing you with the building blocks of excellence in construction.

Our Aggregates

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our selection of construction aggregates. We provide a diverse range of high-quality materials that cater to the unique demands of your project. Whether you require aggregates for road construction, building foundations, or any other application, you can count on us to deliver:

  • Crushed rock(D1): Our crushed rock product is a fundamental component of sturdy road infrastructure and robust foundations. It is graded to meet Alaska DOT and MatSu Borough Specifications.
  • Gravel: We process by screening our high grade gravel to produce Type IIA, E1, sewer rock and some sand products. These products are excellent choices for driveways, roads, pads, foundations and even landscaping.
  • FIll material - this product is native, non structural, non screened and should be used to fill large holes on your site.
  • Topsoil - our topsoil is the highest quality in the area. We blend local MatSu peat, silt and sand and then process it on a 3/8" screen. This produces a superior growth media for your lawn. Availability is very weather dependent. Please call for assistance
  • Delivery to your site or project can be arranged.

Quality Assurance

We take quality seriously. Before any material leaves our facility, we subject it to rigorous testing, ensuring it meets and exceeds industry standards. Our quality assurance process guarantees that you receive materials of the highest caliber, paving the way for the success of your project.

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